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Key Benefits

  •  30 years of experience within IT
  •  International experience
  •  Working in several roles, developer, development manager, consultant, IT-architect, project manager
  •  PMI certified PMP

Academic education and Industry Certification

Academic degree at the University of  Stockholm, equivalent to a Bachelor of Science degree with the following subjects:

·       Mathematics

·       Mathematical Statistics

·       Computer Science, with Numerical Analysis

Having post-graduate courses in the above subject.

Attended graduate courses in electronics.

I was PMP certified in March 2003 by PMI, Project Management Institute.

Professional experience

May 2004 to present, with Aldix, my own company specializing in Project Management

Currently working with system- and network operations for a company with MS Window based environment.

November 1994 to May 2004, with OM Technology AB, The Software Development Division of the OM Group

Software projects in OM were mainly using C, C++, and Java. Platforms used were Digital OpenVMS, Unix and Microsoft Windows NT. Project Methodology adapted from Digital Equipment’s DPM.

January 1998 to June 2004

Project manager for “core” projects within OMT, i.e. product development. This was a portfolio of projects that was defined to enhance the product, without a specific customer delivery.

Project manager for customer add-on project to increase performance. Relatively small project, up to 6 months.

Technical Project leader for the ISE delivery project, International Securities Exchange, NY, USA.. This was the first new exchange in the USA for 20 years. My involvement was the last nine months of this 18 month development and delivery project.

Project Manager for the delivery to UKPX, UK Power Exchange, London, UK. When the UK deregulated power distribution and the right to trade with electricity became open, this new exchange was created. This was a 12 month development and delivery project.

Project Manager for a delivery of a warrant exchange to TradingLab, Milan, Italy. In this delivery OM were fronting for a delivery from an Indian company, Elind, Bangalore, India. It involved managing the delivery from remote with some onsite activities in India for me took place. In the delivery in Milan I was onsite for the whole delivery and acceptance test of 3 months. The whole project lasted 8 months.

Project Manager for the delivery of an exchange system to Borsa Italiana, Milan, Italy. This was a 14 month development and delivery project.

Bid Manager for a number of bid projects to potential trade exchanges around the world.

Reviewing and auditing of customer projects within OM Technology, both in Sweden and in Scotland.

May 1996 to January 1998

Developing manager for OM Technology, a subsidiary in the OM Group.  I was a member in the management team. The development group consisted of 18 engineers and 15-20 sub-contractors. Typical line manager work, salary reviews, job planning & reviews, new hires. Chairman/Project owner or participant in a number of project steering groups for internal and external projects.

November 1994 to May 1996

Hired as Project Manager, participating in a delivery project as assisting project manager to HKFE, Hong Kong Futures Exchange. After delivery working as Service Account Manager for HKFE.

Project leader for a sub-project to CED Borsa.

Project Manager for the LEC, Linked Exchange project, between Oslo Børs and OM Exchange. The delivery project lasted 12 months.

Receiving project manager when the central trading system was ported from VMS to AIX. The project lasted 24 months and was done mainly with IBM resources or their subcontractor.

Participating in defining OPM, OM Project Methodology, based on Digital Program Methodology that OM bought the right to use.

September 1978 to November 1994, with Digital Equipment in Sweden and France

November 1989 to November 1994

Corporate Account Consultant in the Ericsson Account Team

Together with the Account Manager planning account activities, including identifying/working with new projects on a worldwide basis.

Writing an account plan on a yearly basis.

Develop interest for new product/technical areas for Ericsson, e.g. ASICs, Alpha AXP, SBC, SS7 an IN solutions from Digital.

Being focal point for technical questions from Ericsson to Digital.

Organizing Technical and Management Reviews for Ericsson in Valbonne, France, Munich, Germany, and Stow, MA, USA.

Participating in the TDP, Tokyo Digital Phone, project at Ericsson Radio, and the work consisted of management consulting in risk analysis, concurrent engineering and modeling.

Participating with DEC engineering and Ericsson in IN, Intelligent Networks, discussions.

Participating in ISA90 discussions with Ericsson, ISA90 is the Information System Architecture for the 1990ies developed by Ericsson.

Initiating a MOU between Ericsson and DEC, regarding CIT, Computer Integrated Telephony, and MD110, a private telephone switch from Ericsson.

Presenting Digital technologies at seminars organized by Ericsson.

Running a security project at Ericsson.

Pre-sales support to other parts within Digital, e.g. Comviq billing system, Tele2 IN solutions

October1988 to November 1989

Software consultant in the ACT group in Sweden, i.e. Application Center of Technology

Participating in customer projects, both as project leader and as consultant.

In the ACT group having two roles, one as technical security consultant, and the others as communication consultant.

Giving seminars in VMS and DECnet security, organized by Educational services and INFOSEC.

Giving customer presentations in EMA, Digital's Enterprise Management Architecture. Participating in NFI seminars with EMA presentation.

General pre-sales support.

August 1986 to September 1988

Software engineer in the Retail Banking Group, International Engineering.

Participating in several banking projects, among them specifically the architecture project. The architecture study involved complex analysis of banks requirements, using a methodology from Nolan, Norton & Co.

As a consultant guiding the projects regarding the phase review process and more technical related issues.

Being a focal point for engineering contacts between Sweden and central engineering in the USA.

Participating in exhibitions as technical expert, both Ericsson and DEC exhibitions. Project managing Ericsson/DEC retail bank demo set-up in DECviIIe 1986.

September 1985 to July 1986

Field Operations Specialist in the Nordic Region for CSS, Computer Special Systems.

A marketing related job, specifically pre- & post-sales support to the sales force. Technical support to field service and software advisory group. General marketing activities together with the rest of DEC marketing.

September 1984 to August 1985

Engineering Unit Manager for one of the Engineering groups in CSS Annecy, France. The group developed communication solutions for Europe and the Middle east, e.g. LAPB and X.25, ISDN and LAPD

The group consisted of h/w and s/w engineers, nine permanent employed engineers and 1-3 sub-contractors.

The work included cost center responsibility, JP&R, salary reviews, new hire and other people related tasks.

Also participating in the development phases of various products and projects as a consultant, acting both as a technical software consultant and supervising/enforcing that the projects where according to DEC’s phase review process.

September 1982 to August 1984

Software development engineer and project manager in CSS Annecy for a number of customer projects.

The development was mostly VMS driver and diagnostics for VAXes, but also diagnostics development for PDPs.

September 1981 to August 1982

Engineering unit manager for the software group in CSS Stockholm.

The tasks included cost center responsibility, JP&R and salary reviews and other people related tasks.

Also participating in project development.

September 1978 to August 1981 

Software engineer in CSS Stockholm. Projects include;

·       Security and alarm systems for Securitas AB and Televerket Larm

·       Firmware development

·       Teletext system for the SR TV

August 1977 to September 1978 with Plandata AB, a software house

S/W sub-contractor working with STANSAAB air traffic control system.

The processor was Censor 932. The programming language was MiniCoral.

August 1974 to August 1977 with Cybernetics AB, a software house

Sub-contractor working with a number of different customers doing system programming and some project management.

Many different processors, IBM 370, PDP, Intel 8080, Computer Automation’s Alpha LSI 2 etc.

·       Ericsson MI division with traffic control system and ATC, automatic train control system.

·       Security and alarm system for Ericsson

·       Autotank AB with PIN code generator, security analysis and magnetic tape driver.

·       Turnkey system development, participating in an internally developed OS. My specific responsibility was a file handler, including disk and magnetic tape driver.

 Sep-1973 to Jun-1974 at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm

Assistant in numerical analysis computer exercises at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Computer and management courses 2003-1974

Negotiation Skills for Project Managers, ESI April 2003

PMP Preparation course January 2003

Project Leader Training, Resco 1998

Kunna och våga leda projekt, (Leadership training) Wenell 1995

Praktisk projektledning, (Practical Project Management) Wenell 1995

Effective Report Writing, DEC 1994

Object Oriented Analysis & Design, DEC 1993

METIS, Object Oriented Modeling application, METIS 1992

DART, Digital Architecture Resource Team, DEC 1991

TOP MAPPING, a modeling tool, DEC 1990

OSI and higher Layers, KommunikationsHuset 1989

Security workshop, DEC 1989

ASN.1, Abstract Syntax Notation No1, University of Upsala 1989

Ultrix for beginners, DEC 1989

Positive Power & Influence, DEC 1988

Strategic Marketing in a Competitive Environment, (MARKSTRAT simulation) DEC 1986

DEC Pricing Workshop, 1986

Introduction to DEC marketing, 1985

IBM SNA, ICC Berlin 1985

CSS Project Management Seminar, module VII, DEC 1984

Structured System Analyses and Design, Gane & Sarson 1984

Inspection Moderators Workshop, DEC 1984

CSS Engineering Project Management, Model 1-IV,

DEC Phase Review Process, DEC 1983

VMS System Programming, DEC 1983

VMS Internals, DEC 1983

Software Project Management, Integrated Computer Systems 1982

Supervisory and Management Skills, DEC 1981

VAX/VMS programming, DEC 1981

RSX-11M/S Support, (RSX internals), DEC 1980

RSX for FORTRAN Programmers, DEC 1978

Systemutveckling - systemarbetsmetodik, (Project Management), Statskonsult 1977

Databasteknik, (Relational Databases), Statskonsult 1976

Jackson structured programming, Cybernetics 1975

PL/1 Advanced courses I and II, IBM 1974

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